Do dreams have meaning?


Three years ago I had a dream.  I woke up in a hospital bed, with a girl sitting there next to me.  She was someone I’d only just met in real life, except, she was a little older, slightly heavier and had longer hair.  In the dream, I’ve woken up in hospital and am asking why I’m in hospital and what’s happened, but nobody is telling me.  All the nurses and this girl do is tell me to calm down.  The girl got mad because I asked her why she was there.  She replied rather angrily, “Why do you think I’m here??”


Because of this dream, I figured I should get to know this girl better and we became best friends for a bit, then fell out for two years and recently reconnected.  Yep, she’s that girl I’m in love with but can never be with.


And in case you hadn’t already guessed, when we reconnected she looked exactly like she did in the dream I had three years ago.  I don’t believe in god, I don’t believe in fate.  I’m telling myself it’s my bad memory swapping out what I saw then for what I’m seeing now, and that my mind is desperately trying to find something meaningful in what was just a random dream about a girl I fell in love with.


I even told her about it.  And I kinda randomly got emotional (see earlier entry) and cried a tiny bit.  She reciprocated by telling me about a dream where we had amazing sex.


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