The plan B. The backup guy. Me.

The girl I like but can never be with called me today, she’s getting a tattoo at the end of next week but her boyfriend has stuff already planned and doesn’t want to cancel.  So she asked if I’d sit with her while she got it.


Thing is, it’s a big tattoo, covering her side, butt and leg.  She’ll be laying there mostly naked for it.  I obviously don’t mind seeing her naked at all (worst case scenario I’m sitting next to her with a raging boner), but does her man seriously not want to be sitting there with her while she gets inked up like that??  I’ve sat with another female friend (just a friend, we don’t have any feels for each other) while she got a tattoo on her belly and hip and I loved the experience.  It meant a lot to me that someone would want to share it with me.  Tattoos are forever, and every time she thinks back to getting hers she’ll remember us sitting there chatting while she got it, and hopefully smile.  How can he not care??


I’m pretty sure my crush’s man will cancel his other plans and sit with her, which is best for her/them but a shame for me.  I want to be part of a fond memory of hers.  But if he doesn’t, I’ll be really disappointed in him.


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