Pettiness reflects more on you than whoever it is you’re being petty to

Here’s where I moan about my boss [collective groan].  She’s in her late 20’s, 6 months pregnant and the most petty and back-talking person I know.


This manager spends hours sitting in the staff room upstairs with her friends (who she just lets in) or by herself, playing on her phone, or disappears for a couple of hours with no explanation given.  And she was doing this long before her pregnancy.


Now, scene set, here we go…


A couple of months ago, I was working a typical 6-hour retail shift.  Our policy has always been that you work 6 hours or more, you get a 30-minute break.  About two-thirds of the way through my shift, I said to my boss, “You know I’m due a lunch, right?” to which she replied with a random and disproportionate amount of anger, “I haven’t forgotten!”


Guess what?  I didn’t get a lunch.  The next day I’m called into my manager’s office for a talk about my “bad attitude”, that I’m “dictating my lunch times” and that she legally only has to give me a lunch if I work 6 and a half hours or more (and then it’s only 20 minutes) and anything more than that is “at her discretion only”.  Guess what?  I stopped getting lunch breaks.  Others who work the six hour shifts get them, but not me.  More recently, my best work friend stopped getting lunch breaks for the horrible crime of being my friend.  And worst of all – she’s by far the hardest worker in the store.  And she’s being punished for no reason whatsoever.  Hug Dan when you come in?  No lunch for you.


Oh yeah, and if anyone tells her anything in confidence, she tells EVERYONE.  My other work bestie had her personal problems spread around during a day off, and it led to her walking out (she’s already got another job and is fine).  An old guy at work has a secret other family.  He never told me about it, she did.  Somehow I doubt he’d appreciate me knowing.


So I’m a complete doormat for not having walked out when I should.  It’s like the opening of the movie Wanted, if anyone’s seen that.  I considered making a complaint to the area manager, but I know she’d have just cried and talked about the stress of being pregnant and gotten away with anything. But on the plus side, she’s going on maternity leave *this week* and I won’t have to be her doormat anymore.


Thank fuck.


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